sean c davis

My favorite thing is doing more than one thing.

My nerd side comes out when I'm programming. Usually freelance work with Ruby on Rails and/or Ionic. I'm also building some fun stuff on the side, like Sapwood.

I like to write more than just code. I had created, managed, and written for The Polymath Lab and Cobwwweb, although they're both dormant now. I'm also working on my first novel.

Sometimes I prefer to talk. I created and host Squirrel Stories, a storytelling podcast about people's weirdest moments in life.

Other times I let instruments talk for me. I'm in the duo Stitches & Seams. We mostly play in bars around Cincinnati, Ohio, and we love it.

But I always need time to relax and unwind. The real love of my life is a curly-haired beautiful lady named Katie.